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SWATER ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. registered in Mozambique and invested by Jiangsu Water Resources Corporation for International Economical &Technical Cooperation is located in Maputo and Beira. We have obtained construction certificates with the highest degree (7th class) issued by the Mozambican government.


News Releases
Company leaders inspect the west African company
June 29 ,2018
New Beginning, New Journey----The first batch of machineries and equipment have arrived Liberia
April 11 ,2018
SWATER went to Cabo Delgado Province to investigate the Project
July 17 ,2017
SWATER Ended Its Investigation In West Africa
June 30 ,2017

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E-mail: swater@swater.co
Urban Water Supply Construction
Caisson Design and Construction
Civil Work
Road and Earthwork Construction
Pile Foundation Construction
Engineering Geological Investigation and Measurement
Farmland& Water Conservancy Planning and Construction
Construction Equipment Rental and Sales

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